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What are Verbs?

A twist on the public domain Nouns, Verbs takes the already existing art and allows individuals to mint pieces with life and personality. Digital art is unbounded, but almost every PFP (profile picture) is static--why limit yourself? Every Verb is unique, and some rarer than others, but every single one has a distinct and unforgettable personality. Verbs are free to mint for any current Noun holder or Kinesis Curated piece holder.

Why is an art platform dropping Verbs?

We're glad you asked. The Kinesis Art Studio is about releasing kinetic, fully on-chain art. Verbs are experimental art that attempt to further PFP's by introducing an element of motion; we take a piece of art (Nouns), and breathe a new life into it. Being backed by an already well-established art platform gives Verbs a level of legitimacy and trust not found in other PFP projects.