The rise of digital art through the advent of NFT technology has opened the door to a world of opportunities - the digital medium allows us to step beyond art and its static beauty and experience art as a living, breathing system.

Kinesis is an experimental art studio exploring generative motion through digital art forms via the release of a series of limited, curated public mints. We have two goals:
1. Develop a platform that emphasizes art, community, and ownership
2. Focus on the very aspect of digital art we believe is uniquely beautiful: movement

In the pursuit of these goals, we hope to champion a new era of digital dynamism.


Genesis Series: Planar Exploration

The Kinesis Art Genesis Series, Planar Exploration, will run between late 2021 and early 2022. Planar Exploration will be composed of work from the Kinesis Art team and a visiting artist.

Planar Exploration will include 5 total mints of varying price, but decreasing volume (i.e., the first release will have the most available and mint totals will decrease through the final mint). After the 4th mint, a snapshot will be taken of all holders. Wallets with all 4 mints will be able to mint the 5th and final work of the Planar Exploration series, which may include special physical redemptions and other utility.

Starting with release 2, minting will occur by a combination of a pre-sale and dutch auction. The pre-sale list will be comprised of Kinesis Art holders and determined via Chainlink VRF. Pre-sale holders will have 24 hours to mint. Remaining works will be sold to the public via dutch auction at the conclusion of the pre-sale period. Note: As a reward to our community, a snapshot will be taken prior to Drop 2 release and all Atlanta holders will be on the pre-sale list and able to mint 1 piece from Drop 2. Please note: this will not always be the case, with future pre-sale slots to be given out via holder raffle.

[SOLD OUT] Planar Exploration Release 1: "Atlanta"

Planar Exploration Release 2: "Kafka"
Date: 9/29 1PM EST, Mints: 2800, Dutch Auction: 0.3 > 0.25 > 0.2 > 0.15 > 0.125 > 0.1 ETH


Technology Lead

Art and Product Lead